The Science course at Belconnen High School is designed to provide a highly engaging learning experience characterised by hands-on interactive and challenging activities.

The units cover the branches of Science; namely Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Environmental Science, and Scientific Investigation.

The content of each year of study is varied, and follows the Australian Curriculum.  In each year group there is an enrichment class and general classes.

In 2018, each of the year groups will study the following topics:

Year GroupsTopics
Year 7Introduction to the Laboratory and Safety, Solutions and Mixtures, Water, Animals and their Environment, Introduction to Forces, Scientific Investigation and Astronomy.
Year 8Matter and Chemical Change, Structure of the Earth and Types of Rocks, Energy and Transformations and Biology.
Year 9Plate Tectonics, Sustainability of Ecosystems, Nervous and Endocrine Systems, Chemical Reactions, Electromagnetic Waves and Electricity, and STELR Scientific Investigation.
Year 10Genetics and Evolution, Chemical Reactions, Motion, Global Systems and Astronomy.

Enrichment in Science is offered through a wide range of activities that are open to all students. These include:

  • National Chemistry Quiz
  • ICAS Science Competition