Canteen Menu

Visit our popular school canteen to choose from a great variety of healthy and delicious food. We cater for the varied tastes of the student population.

We are open: Break 1 - 10.45am - 11.30am and Break 2 - 1.30pm - 2pm.

Canteen ordering

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Canteen Mural

Our Delicious Selection:

A variety of sandwiches

Chicken, ham, roast beef, egg and mayonnaise, cheese, salad, tuna, and more
Extra fillings - lettuce, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, cheese, tomato, salad, avocado
Toasted, rolls or wraps

Hot food

Garlic bread Noodle Cups Pies, Sausage rolls, Hot dogs, Chicken Nuggets, Hash Browns, Pizza Rounders, Nachos, Cheese and Spinach Rolls


Hash Browns, Fish, Chicken Vegetarian, Egg and Bacon Rolls, Mexican Chicken Chicken Schnitzed and Beef

Salads and Fruit

Garden Salad, add ham, tuna, chicken, egg or cheese, Fruit salads, Fresh Fruit


Yogurts, Jelly Cups, Health Bars, Sultanas, JJ's, 3C's, Cheese and Crackers, Jelly and Custard, Red Rock Chips


Fruit Boxes, Water, Fresh Juice, LOL, Iced Tea, Up and Go, and Flavoured, Dare and Nippys Milk

Ice Blocks and Confectionary


Look out for our daily specials -

Which can include Homemade Soup, Tacos, Baked Potatos, Rice Paper Rolls, Beef and Black Been and Rice, Spaghetti Bolognaise and Lasagne.

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