Operation Stay Afloat

Operation Stay Afloat

Operation Stay Afloat

A Yr 10 Leadership Project

Hi Belconnen community!

You may have heard a bit about our project in the notices. Basically we are trying to collect non-perishable foods and sanitary products to send over to Tonga. Tonga was hit by a tsunami after a volcanic eruption. Lila and I (Charlee) chose to lead the project of Operation Stay Afloat as part of our Year 10 project.

Mr Bradbury's cousin Hayley and her partner Lasi are from one of the small communities that was heavily impacted by this disaster. Mr Bradbury’s cousin is collecting our donations to send to Tonga in a shipping container.  

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our school community.  Here are just some of the food items and products donated:

Canned goods, pasta, pasta sauce, rice, flour, female sanitary products, soap, toiletries, dishwashing liquid and detergents, oil, hand towel, toilet paper, milo, tea and coffee.

Since the tsunami hit, the Tongan communities have struggled to get a hold of things needed in a day to day life. Every little contribution makes such a big difference to those who have suffered from the tsunami.  

Giving is the greatest form of kindness.  

Lila and Charlee (Year 10 Leadership students)