Voluntary Contributions

For many years, students have benefited from the additional financial resources provided through voluntary financial contributions from parents / carers and other citizens. These contributions have assisted the school to conduct additional programs and activities and purchase educational materials.

The School Board has suggested that the following contributions will directly support the educational programs provided by the school. Voluntary contributions may be made in full, in part or by instalments.

General Contributions - $120

Belconnen High School has a Voluntary Contribution rate of $120 for one child and $80 for siblings.

Textbook Hire Fee - $80 (for 4 years)

A Textbook Hire Fee is requested to cover the hiring of textbooks.
Note: If textbooks are damaged or lost a replacement cost may be requested.

Student ID Card - $5

A school ID card is provided during Term 1 after the school photographs are taken.  This ID card will be current for Years 7 & 8. A new ID card will be required for Years 9 & 10.

Subject Consumable Costs

(These materials are bought in bulk by the school to save families the very high costs of buying them eg: wood, paints, clay etc.)

It is customary for the school to request a financial contribution towards meeting the cost of the above items. The school has made every effort to keep costs at a reasonable level. We have an equity fund which can be used to provide financial assistance for students where parents/carers are unable to make the requested financial contribution. If however there is insufficient total funding available to meet the costs we may need to modify some activities.

Please click here to view the BHS Elective Subject Consumable Costs.

Payments to BHS can be made by the following methods:

  • QuickWeb (preferred method) secure Westpac website.  Please use your family/student key in the payment description.
  • By phone using a credit card (minimum transaction of $10 applies).  
  • Cheque (made payable to Belconnen High School).
  • Cash.
  • Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer

Please contact our Finance Officer prior to 2pm during the school term on 6142 1690 for account details or to make a credit card payment by phone.