School Board

Our 2020 Representatives

Representatives Name
Board Chair: Petrina Olds
Principal/Executive Officer: Rebecca Pearce
Staff Representatives:

Janet Cooke

Katie McLellan

Parent Representatives:

Petrina Olds

Sam Holthouse

Dianne Gleeson

SRC Representatives:

Grace Ferguson

Brianna Boyes

Board Secretary: 
Departmental Representative:  

Every A.C.T. Government school is governed by a School Board. The School Board of Belconnen High School is made up of:

  • 3 elected parent representatives;
  • 2 elected teacher representatives;
  • 2 elected student representatives;
  • the School Principal;
  • a nominee of the Department;
  • the Deputy Principal as a seconded officer;
  • The Registrar is Minutes Secretary.

Board elections are held once a year to fill vacant positions and election times are advertised in the Canberra Times and the school newsletter. The term of office for elected members is for two years.

The A.C.T. Department of Education delegates important responsibilities to School Boards, giving them the power to approve:

  • school programs;
  • allocation of school funds;
  • road curriculum policies and procedures;

As well, our Board fosters school and community relationships and determines School needs taking into account parental, student, and teacher needs and interests.  The Board meets monthly, or more frequently if required. The Board chair informs the P & C Association of its activities and decisions each month, and a report on Board business is included in the school newsletter.

Visitors are welcome and should arrange an invitation with the Principal or Board Chair. Staff are invited to attend all Board Meetings.

Policy decisions and the overall running of the school are in the hands of the School Board.