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Indigenous Program

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander News

The focus of the program is to improve the educational outcomes for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Belconnen High School. Success of the program is measured in the following ways:

  • An Indigenous Tutorial program (1 lesson per week with a focus on students' learning outcomes, assessment and cultural knowledge).
  • An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander room.
  • Personalised Learning Plans (PLPs) where goals are negotiated with the students based around "no Es or Ds only A, B or Cs" raising the expectations around learning and building concept of self.
  • Improved Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture knowledge and awareness at Belconnen High School especially around significant events e.g. Opening of the Belconnen Gym, Sorry Day Assembly and NAIDOC assembly.
  • Involvement in the ACT Department of Education's "Aspiration Program".
  • Belconnen High School Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with their friends take part in Indigenous Sports competitions run in the A.C.T.

In 2019 the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Team want to take our successes and ensure the successful elements continue, especially in setting high expectations of students in regards to their learning and self by setting and achieving goals.

Our program is building the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and knowledge within the curriculum for all students. This is in line with Australian Curriculum cross curriculum perspectives which states "Indigenous perspectives, which will be written into the national curriculum to ensure that all young Australians have the opportunity to learn about, acknowledge and respect the history and culture of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders".

Science and Mathematics SLC - Roxanne McKay

Student Services SLC - Peter Langridge

Please contact members of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Team on Ph. 6142 1690 or by email on info_blch@ed.act.edu.au

The Pinnacle Enrichment Program

What is the Vision for the Pinnacle Enrichment Program?

The Pinnacle Enrichment Program (PEP) provides a challenging and engaging learning experience for students with an exceptional capacity to learn. The aim is to encourage students to challenge themselves academically and take considered risks in their pursuit of deeper knowledge.

How is the Pinnacle Enrichment Program special?

Students in PEP are grouped with others of similar ability and commitment. The work ethos expected, permits teachers to progress studies more quickly, offer a greater range of learning experiences and allow students to study topics both more widely and in greater depth.
PEP classes run in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. These classes are conducted in English, Mathematics, Science and SoSE, though not necessarily in the same student group.
PEP students will be expected to take up extension opportunities such as:
- Academic competitions eg Australian Geography Competition, ICAS Science and English and the Australian Chemistry Quiz, Rio Tinto Big Science Competition and Australian Mathematics Competition.
- Academic challenges eg: Da Vinci Decathlon, Maths Challenges and debating and Chief Minister's Reading Challenge.

Which student is suitable for the Pinnacle Enrichment Program?

The students accepted into the Year 7 Pinnacle Enrichment Program will have demonstrated:

  • a high standard of academic achievement in primary school;
  • evidence of being an independent learner;
  • the ability to organise time;
  • pride in work,

and be prepared to contribute to the corporate life of the school and community.

What Qualities do Pinnacle Enrichment Students typically display?

PEP students usually have the following qualities:

  • they complete all class work and assignments on time and to a high standard;
  • there is evidence of the students being independent learners;
  • there is an expectation that the students are organised for all lessons and maintains a homework diary;
  • be outstanding advocate for Belconnen High School;
  • take up leadership opportunities in the school, and
  • participate in academic competitions.

How does a student gain entry to PEP?

Entry to the PEP program will be offered at the time of enrolment.

Contact the Pinnacle Enrichment Program Coordinator, Deputy Principal Rebecca Pearce on 6142 1690 or via email at rebecca.pearce@ed.act.edu.au

Learning Support

Learning Support at Belconnen High School provides an inclusive program catering for students with Autism/Asperger's syndrome and students with learning difficulties.

Learning Support students are supported to develop the skills that give them independence to be successful learners and participants in society. This philosophy is encouraged in all classes and receives particular emphasis in Life Skills and Tutorial Lessons.

The Learning Support program is staffed by 3 teachers. These teacher's case manage a group of students, generally from the same year group. This model allows teachers to develop a significant bond with the students and their families. This relationship is vital in meeting the individual needs of the Learning Support students.

Learning Support students are divided into two categories:

1. LSUA - Learning Support Unit - Autism

2. ISP - Integration Support Program


Students complete core subjects of Maths, English and Science in our Learning Support Unit, while PE and elective subjects are undertaken in the mainstream. In the unit, classes are small, the curriculum is differentiated and there is often a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) working with the teacher to cater to the student's needs. These students have an entire class, known as "Life Skills", dedicated towards the development of social skills, management of anxiety and further assistance for any class work or assignments they may acquire.

LSU picture

Our Goal

At Belconnen High School our goal is to teach students with special needs to better manage their relationships, advance their education and to prepare them for the next step (post high school).

Values Statement

At Belconnen High School we value the unique strengths of students with special needs and use these strengths as motivators for learning.  We also recognise the unique skills deficits associated with different special needs and have developed a program with four focus areas to cater specifically for our students.  Because we value the different way skills deficits present in individuals with special needs we adapt the program to suit individual needs.  We value supported inclusion in mainstream classes as a context to teach students with special needs the skills they need to live productive lives within the community and use both structured learning and experiential learning opportunities.  We understand that skills taught in the program may be difficult to master so allow learning to take its own pace.

Focus Areas

The program developed to support students with special needs at Belconnen High School covers the following Focus Areas:

  1. Social Communication
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Anxiety Management
  4. Literacy and Numeracy

The learning process uses a mixture of structured teaching and experiential learning opportunities.